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A Car Accident Can Be Painful!

Wednesday Nov 30, 2016

I was in a pretty bad wreck not long ago. No one died, but three cars were completely totaled as a result. My husband was driving, and a car just crossed the median and sideswiped us as well as the car behind us. We were both wearing seat belts, which is what saved all of our lives actually. We were taken to the hospital to be examined, and amazingly there were no broken bones either. I had a killer headache though, and the emergency room doctor told me that I should probably see a chiropractor in Santa Rosa CA for help with that.

He told me that it could go away on its own, but it was still a good idea to go see a chiropractor. He gave me some pain pills and sent my husband and myself on our way. I was able to get in to see a chiropractor a few days later, and the pain was much worse at that point. I had hit my head hard on the back of the seat, but I was not diagnosed with a concussion. The chiropractor did an examination on me, and he even told my husband that he should be checked over too since he was in the same accident.

To make a long story short, we both started seeing him twice a week. We got adjustments as well as massages, and we were also able to do a lot of stretches and exercises on our own to speed up our recovery. I had no idea that hitting the back of a soft seat could hurt so much, but thankfully the chiropractor that we went to see was able to help us get back to great shape. I think my husband actually misses the massages that he was getting there, and I don’t mind admitting that I do too!


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