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Being Far Away from the Place and Person I Love the Best is Hard

Friday Feb 23, 2018

My mom and I used to go hiking all the time when I lived in Arizona. I have thought about it fondly and missed it many times over the years. When I went home last month, mom invited me to go hiking with her as usual. I slipped during the hike and had to go to a Phoenix chiropractor afterward. Luckily, he got me back on my feet and I was able to get back to my favorite hikes with mom during that same trip. I am pretty clumsy, so I’m not surprised that I fell. However, I usually have to spend a lot of time healing when I hurt myself. My mother showed me that getting chiropractic treatment really helps, and I don’t have to wait many weeks to heal on my own.

I miss being around my mom. She has been my best friend since I can remember. When I was applying to different colleges, she felt that it would be a good idea for me to attend one in another state because this would help me to learn to be more independent. I could see her point, so I applied to universities that are located across the country. I ended up going to one in North Carolina. I love everything about the state, but my mom is not here. I promised myself that I would get back to where my mom is after graduation.

During my last year of school, I needed to do a 6 month long internship. My boss there liked me so much that he offered a job to me as soon as the six months was up. The pay he was offering was so good, that I had to say yes. However, I still felt guilty because staying here in another state permanently was not part of the original plan. I have been working here now for 4 years, and I have now set a firm goal to leave the job and go back to the state and mother I live at the end of my fifth year.


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