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Braces at Thirty is the New 13

Wednesday Jan 14, 2015

Perfect teeth. A perfect smile. These are two ‘tips’ that my mother gave me time and time again as I was growing up. Having been raised almost wholly by her alone I often wonder how much differently I look at the world thanks to possessing what is no doubt a woman’s frame of reference. Partially, anyways. Despite her mantra of having a perfect smile she never did go out of her way to get me braces which is how I find myself now contacting Endodontic Associates here in town. It’s time to get the braces I should have had when I was 13.

It’s not a decision that I came to lightly but I’m tired of having crooked teeth that do nothing to inspire. The more I thought about having braces at 30 the more I actually found to enjoy the idea. I think it’s going to be a novel appreciation that no matter how old a person might get it doesn’t mean anything is too late. A friend of mine suggested that I should have them all pulled so I could replace them with a false set. Ugh, I can’t believe anyone would willingly go through a painful procedure like that.

I suppose that Americans are willing to go through much more painful procedures for vanity and beauty. I know that I said I was tired of not having an inspiring smile but the reality is that the shape of my mouth and jaw are going to inevitable change. Getting older means the bones soften, skin sags and the bones shift. These crooked hunks of calcium could end up in a bad way leading to future problems that I think are best to avoid. If anything I’m going to get a kick out of smiling as often as possible to show off my braces.


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