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Building Foam Puzzles with My Granddaughter

Wednesday Oct 18, 2017

My old knees kind of make it so I want to stay off of the floor, but our granddaughter is of the age where the floor is pretty much her entire world of discovery right now. Tea parties and stuffed animal slumber parties are all held on the floor. She can jump up and move on to the next thing that interests her, and I have to creak, click, pop and groan to get up. I looked for floor puzzles for 3 year old children to get something that would let us be able to spend more time in one spot on the floor. I stand up and am over six-foot tall. She is closer to the floor, so things are more interesting there for her. My world of reach is about 36 inches higher as a rule.

We bought several foam mat puzzles for her. She is able to put them together quite well. The bigger pieces being made of foam are easy for her to manipulate. Being an engineer, I am fascinated by how simple play skills develop her abilities to finely control things in her environment. Being a grandpa just sees the fun in play too. She keeps my wife and I young. She has a lot of energy, and we have to keep up. Having young kids around sure keeps you from becoming sedentary. They might drive you crazy at times, but it is a good kind of crazy.

My wife bought a couple of large comfy pillows for us to sit on while we work on puzzles on the floor. I have napped with our little granddaughter on the floor. One time we found a nice sunbeam streaming in from the living room window, and we dozed in its warmth. It took me a minute to get up when we awoke, but it was worth it.


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