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I Wanted to Have Bigger Breasts

Saturday Jan 17, 2015

Not that long ago, I thought the only way I would have bigger breasts was if I went under the knife. I am not against surgery if it is to save someone’s life or better their health somehow, but I could not justify having surgery done just for cosmetic reasons. Though I wanted breast enhancement in the worst way, I had resigned myself to the fact that it was just not going to happen for me. I made a comment to my cousin when we were out not that long ago about a woman with big breasts, and I kind of moaned about my luck in that department.

When she told me to do something about it, I shared my opinion about elective surgery like that. That is when she told me that I didn’t need to subject myself to anything like that. Read the rest of this entry »


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Braces at Thirty is the New 13

Wednesday Jan 14, 2015

Perfect teeth. A perfect smile. These are two ‘tips’ that my mother gave me time and time again as I was growing up. Having been raised almost wholly by her alone I often wonder how much differently I look at the world thanks to possessing what is no doubt a woman’s frame of reference. Partially, anyways. Despite her mantra of having a perfect smile she never did go out of her way to get me braces which is how I find myself now contacting Endodontic Associates here in town. It’s time to get the braces I should have had when I was 13.

It’s not a decision that I came to lightly but I’m tired of having crooked teeth that do nothing to inspire. Read the rest of this entry »


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Thinking Outside of the Box

Tuesday Jan 6, 2015

The first time I heard of tuina singapore, I honestly was not sure what it was. I knew that it had something to do with traditional Chinese medicine, but that was the extent of my knowledge. My doctor had recommended that I try it though, and that was all I needed to know I wanted to find out more. I have a painful condition due to diabetic complications, and there is no cure for it. Surgery cannot fix it, and there are no known medications that will alleviate the painful symptoms. Instead, therapy of some type is the only course of action.

Since I am not in the best of health, my doctor knew that I would not be able to undergo a painful therapy plan to help me in the long term. Read the rest of this entry »


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