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My Daughter Has Beautiful Skin Again

Saturday Oct 15, 2016

My heart broke for my daughter for the longest time. She had acne, and I knew that it was causing her problems at school. Kids can be really cruel, and I knew that she was getting her fair share of taunts because of it. She also had a lot of friends and supporters though because she really is a brilliant and wonderful kid, but it was the ones who teased her that made me ache for her. I went online a few months ago to see if there was any kind of acne scar removal because I wanted her to have only good memories from her high school years.

When I found acnezine, I had a feeling that it was the answer that we had been looking for. I got really enthusiastic after reading the reviews for it because a lot of them could have been written by my daughter. She put on a brave face for me, but every now and again she gave me a glimpse of the pain she was in. When I showed her the acnezine, she was just as excited as I was. Read the rest of this entry »


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