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I Try Not to Get Myself Hurt at All Times

Friday Feb 10, 2017

I like to stay out of trouble because I know that getting into trouble on purpose can be a big risk. It’s not that I live my life in fear, but I know that hurting myself unnecessarily because of my own denial about risk can bring about long-term chronic pain. But even though I’m careful, I still needed to see a chiropractor in Cumming GA over the last few months because I was simply walking in a parking lot and fell. Anything can happen at any moment, even if you are not cavalier about risky hobbies or daily events. Thankfully, they are people such as chiropractors, who can help when you need them desperately.

I work out of my car on an almost daily basis. This means that I leave the house every morning after I have a cup of coffee and my breakfast, and I drive my first client of the day. When I’m done working at that client place of business, I then drive to the next client. I do this throughout the day and tell my work is done. I also need this rain or shine. It does not matter if there’s a heavy storm outside or some other type of inclement weather. if a customer needs me, I need to have the ability to get there to help him out. I have to try to be careful when I’m out in bad weather.

On the day that I hurt myself, it was raining out. I slipped in the parking lot. I landed on my back, and that hurt immediately. I figured that pain would go away, but it went the opposite way and intensified over the following weeks. I knew that I needed to see a chiropractor to help put an end to that as quickly as possible.


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