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My Grandmother Says Her Chiropractor Keeps Her from Needing Surgery

Monday Feb 26, 2018

I have driven my grandmother to her chiropractic appointments for years. She goes in when her back starts to hurt her. It could be the seasonal changes of the weather or just overdoing it when dancing with grandpa. They garden, walk all over the place, dance together and do pretty much every job needed on the house they have owned since they got married. I started out taking grandma to her San Francisco chiropractor when I first got my license and wanted to drive more. It is still a routine I keep up today.

I asked her why she keeps going back to the chiropractor if her back never gets any better. She explained that she has a chronic condition, and her San Francisco chiropractor is what is keeping her from having any surgeries or not being able to do the things she enjoys. She only has to go back when her back starts to act up on her. Grandpa told me that I have never seen it when it got bad with my grandmother’s back. He told me how she could not even get out of bed without screaming in pain. The first time it happened he called an ambulance. Read the rest of this entry »


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Being Far Away from the Place and Person I Love the Best is Hard

Friday Feb 23, 2018

My mom and I used to go hiking all the time when I lived in Arizona. I have thought about it fondly and missed it many times over the years. When I went home last month, mom invited me to go hiking with her as usual. I slipped during the hike and had to go to a Phoenix chiropractor afterward. Luckily, he got me back on my feet and I was able to get back to my favorite hikes with mom during that same trip. I am pretty clumsy, so I’m not surprised that I fell. However, I usually have to spend a lot of time healing when I hurt myself. My mother showed me that getting chiropractic treatment really helps, and I don’t have to wait many weeks to heal on my own.

I miss being around my mom. She has been my best friend since I can remember. When I was applying to different colleges, she felt that it would be a good idea for me to attend one in another state because this would help me to learn to be more independent. Read the rest of this entry »


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