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Finally Feeling Normal Again After Getting Help from My Pleasanton Chiropractor

Friday Dec 2, 2016

I have heard that an army marches on its feet, so you need to keep your feet in great shape. Yes, that is true. However, you need to keep your back in shape too. A backache can ruin you for doing anything. Take it from me, if your back is hurting, you cannot even enjoy sitting on the couch watching TV. I was not comfortable standing, sitting, walking or anything. I went to a Pleasanton chiropractor to get some relief from my constant back pain. I did not remember doing anything in particular to cause it. My back just would hurt. Some days were better than others, but no day was perfect.

I would get really uncomfortable sitting on a hard chair such as a dining room table chair. I was uncomfortable sitting on our couch. I could only sit and type for a few minutes without shifting my position. Sometimes my neck would hurt, my arms and shoulders would tingle or burn, and sometimes pains shot down my leg into one foot. It was relentless. It would never completely go away. The Pleasanton chiropractor helped me get relief from the constant pain. The first treatment I received help me get a lot of relief. Then we worked on resolving my back issues.

I look forward to going to my chiropractor. The immediate relief is better than any pill. Then your back improves as you continue the exercises and adjustments. Then you can reach a point that maybe you might only need an occasional adjustment. You do have to do your part and keep up your exercises and sitting correctly. Otherwise, you are just inviting the back trouble to return again. I have been feeling better for quite some time now. It feels like life is getting back to normal.


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