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Getting My Sister to Go for a Facelift Procedure Saved Her Life

Sunday Nov 20, 2016

I was considering all my options for a facelift. I liked the idea of the one they call a vampire facelift over the surgical methods. I went to the best dermatologist in Las Vegas to get one. They use your own blood in the procedure. That is how it got its name. They take blood out of your arm, separate it, and then inject it under the skin of your face. They can use fillers too. This fills in crows feet and other areas, and your skin reacts and heals the area. Since it is your blood, there is no worry about an allergic reaction.

I am very glad I went for other reasons too. I told my sister about the procedure and she went to have one done. The doctor examined her and found a spot on her that needed biopsied. Dermatologists do a lot more than just plastic surgery. They save lives by catching skin cancers early too. I was very glad I went for my vanity procedure because my sister needed one that saved her life. I know people make jokes about plastic surgery procedures, but those same doctors help save people who are suffering too.

There are all kinds of serious skin diseases that dermatologists treat. Yes, they do facelifts and skin peels too, but they are medical doctors who treat skin conditions too. They take off warts, moles and pre-cancerous lesions too. I am glad to have been given a clean bill of health to have had my procedure done. I am also glad my sister was able to have her facelift too. She got it after she had her skin surgery to take away the cancer. We both go back now for regular examinations, and we have even convinced our mom to go. So far, only my sister had the problem.


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