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Getting Older but Fighting Weight Gain and Chronic Back Pain

Thursday Nov 2, 2017

I started jogging again after having given it up for a few years. Work took priority as promotions were available and our children were being born. I started to get a bigger middle, so I started jogging again to burn calories and stay strong. It hurt my back so bad just to go about a quarter of the distance I used to be able to run. After a particularly bad day with back pain, I went to see a chiropractor in Santa Barbara for some help. My big belly was throwing my center of gravity off and straining my back as I ran. Part of the pain was muscular, and part of the pain was caused by a spinal misalignment of constantly compensating for my fat up front.

I needed chiropractic adjustments to help me not have the pain so I would be encouraged to keep on exercising to lose the weight. The chiropractor in Santa Barbara helped keep the pain from getting me to give up on jogging and just go back to eating donuts from the vending machine at work. It took me several months, but I lost the weight and built up some muscle. Then my back stopped giving me trouble. I was feeling better each day I exercised, and I had less of a problem with back pain after exercising.

I do not remember the exact day the pain was gone, but it did finally go away. I lost the excess fat and rebuilt a lot of lost muscle mass. The chiropractor helped keep me on track with my goal of keeping up my jogging to lose weight and get stronger. I feel younger and so much better. I have a lot more energy to get through the days too. I no longer need to take my weekend naps. I can do it all being there for my family and work now.


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