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Going to Expand the Product Line

Saturday May 28, 2016

I have been looking for new products to stock in the shop, of course the focus is on hair and skin products since that is something that the clients are going to be interested in. We have been looking at things from over seas, like for example I found something called Collaskin from Indonesia. It is both a collagen based soap and also a drink that contains collagen. However we are not really sure that it is going to pass muster, as there seems to be very little hard evidence that it has much benefit. In theory collagen should be good for the skin, but I have not really found any proof of that and I have not been able to find any science behind the stuff, which is not really that surprising. Even if it had come from the USA, there probably would not be any evidence of it’s value. There just are not any regulations on this sort of thing. I have no idea what the rules are in Indonesia, but I doubt that they are more strict than ours.

Obviously if something is a drug or even food, the FDA has all sorts of tests and procedures to protect the public. When they sell you prescription drugs on TV they spend half the time telling you what it is supposed to do and half on the side effects. If you have the same thing and you call it a supplement, then there are almost zero restrictions on it. I supposed that you are subject to the false advertising laws, but that just means that they have to very careful about how they overstate the benefits. I assume that you can still get sued if there are adverse side effects, so you would want to avoid selling harmful supplements.


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