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Highly Regarded Orthodontist in Singapore

Sunday Sep 11, 2016

My son is going to need braces, which is something that I suspected for years, but the dentist just made it official, and told us that he should probably have braces put on his mouth as soon as possible. So I guess I need to find an orthodontist for him. I am looking for an orthodontist with a really good reputation who does braces in Singapore. I do not really care how much they charge, relative to other orthodontists, but I just want my son to have good looking teeth once he is done with braces, and so that means I am going to try extra hard to find an orthodontist with a positive reputation.

I am kind of concerned about the choice, just due to my own personal experiences. When I was younger, I had braces put in my mouth, which my parents reluctantly agreed to pay for at the time. Unfortunately, I am not sure that the orthodontist had a lot of experience, and he caused me a lot of pain on several occasions. I had more than just braces installed though, I also had a couple other appliances in my mouth during the time I wore braces.

One of those devices spanned the roof of my mouth between my braces, and it had a little keyhole in the center of it, such that if you stuck the key in there, and turned it, the device would spread just a small amount. The device was designed to spread your teeth further apart. But anyway, when my orthodontist was removing it, he accidentally cut into the roof of my mouth with a small saw. That was a painful and very scaring experience, because I was choking on my own blood and metal filings. I need to stop thinking about it.


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