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How Hard is It to Be a Cosmetic Surgeon

Tuesday Dec 29, 2015

I got this idea because one of my friends at school has a father who is a cosmetic surgeon, apparently he is quite good at it or at the least he has apparently made a great deal of money in the field. He has all of the things you might want if you were a young man like myself, he has a big house on a big piece of land and about a dozen expensive autos as well. Of course it is not an easy job and it obviously took some work to get there. The total curve is what I am thinking about, how do you make all of them right and above all, how do you make all of the curves right while you follow that Hippocratic oath. It goes something like first do no harm. If you are a doctor you are supposed to take that oath and it seems to me as though a lot of the time you are going to find it conflicts with being this sort of doctor. Obviously no one needs to look ten years younger, unless they have deep psychological issues. If they do, then there is not much that a scalpel is going to do to fix them. You wonder how much could be done with drugs in the future. For example I know that there are anti psychotic pills which have the side effect of enlarging the breasts of young men and boys. It was the basis of a big lawsuit, although in reality a lot of the stuff that was being sued over is trivial if the drug actually addresses some of the major mental health issues that it should have been prescribed for. At any rate you wonder if some day they will not be able to alter the body with drugs instead of surgery.


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