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How Safe is It to Get Breast Augmentation

Monday Feb 16, 2015

I have been looking at this because my girl is interested in it. She sees it as a career move because she has been modeling for as long as I have known her. She started out doing catalogs and that sort of thing when she was just a little girl and she managed to keep doing it all through high school. Of course there are always stores with web pages selling stuff to women of all ages and sizes, so you can work if you know where to look. She is looking at this place called and trying to figure out what the costs will be and how well she can manage to pay for. Of course if the theory was sound they would pay for themselves, but I am not really sure that the jobs necessarily follow. Of course I am not much of an expert on this stuff and the truth is that she has been doing it for quite a long while.

If you can get the work it is a pretty awesome job. You have to stand around and wait a lot. However in theory you can make a lot of money in rather little time and almost no effort. What she wants to do is the fashion shows, where you strut around on the runway in the latest designer clothes. Of course that is where the money is I suppose. It is not easy for you to break in to the big time though, there is a great deal of competition and obviously they are looking for something very specific usually. In fact I do not really think a lot of those girls appear to be very healthy to tell the truth. They always look as though they have some sort of eating disordr to me.


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