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I Am Down About Ten Pounds

Friday Oct 3, 2014

I picked up a lot of weight over the Winter. Of course that was one of the worst Winters in recent history and it cast some doubt on the global warming thing among a lot of the people I know. Other people would say that stuff caused the change in the weather patterns, but I do not know. I was really upset with myself when I started to realize how much weight I had gained. This friend of mine volunteered that I should try Garcinia Cambogia out of the blue one day at Sunday School. Of course he was being a smart alec, but then he told me how had gone down a couple of pant sizes fairly easily. At least it is quite easy in theory, but it requires a big deal of discipline. He told me that he had just given up sweet tea and soda pops. If you are like me, then this is a pretty big source of what you might call empty calories.

I probably drink around two or three sodas in a day, depends on what I feel like. However I drink a lot of iced tea, if it was unsweetened tea that would not be a big deal. It would be little different from drinking water in fact. However I am adding two scoops of sugar when I make a jug of tea and I make a jug of tea almost every day. It is not every day, but if it is warm then of course I drink a lot of tea. It would be a lot easier if you could find an artificfial sweetener which you could stand to use, but none of them are any good in my opinion. It is a big problem, but I decided to try it and it worked.


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