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I Got in a Car Wreck

Wednesday Aug 16, 2017

I was just passing through Iowa on my way South to Kansas City from Minneapolis. In fact I had stopped on a city street in Peoria outside of a print shop. I was looking at the map on my phone trying to figure out how to get back to the highway. I had made a wrong turn and I did not know how to recover. At any rate I heard the car tires squealing and I looked back just as this car was trying to take a curve at high speed. I had to find Peoria chiropractors to fix my back after they let me leave the hospital. The guy in the car was apparently ‘borrowing’ his girlfriend’s car and driving it without a license. Right behind there two police cars. The police chased him back past me while I was sitting on the curb trying to figure out if all of my parts were in the right place.

It was a little bit before I was thinking straight. I had not been wearing a seat belt because I was not moving and I got thrown into the dash. It was not exactly like I had a concussion, but I had a lot of fogginess in my thinking. At any rate I was beat up a good bit, with a lot of cuts and bruises. My shirt was nearly torn off of me, but that was not a big concern. Once the excitement wore off I realized that I had hurt my back and they took some x rays at the hospital. Of course they really were not the right people to deal with it, because the doctors do not do stuff like that all that well. They get to cutting on you and all sorts of bad things are going to happen.


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