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I Just Found a New Job

Thursday Sep 15, 2016

I have just now started my new job, although it is not something that I was really looking for and I am still looking to find a job that meets my qualifications. I got the tip from this friend of mine. He had to go see his Chicago chiropractors to get his back worked on. That is something that happens to him every so often and it is just the price that he paid for getting to go to college for free on a football scholarship. It is not that surprising really, because it is a really tough game and that scholarship is obviously not for free. You have to figure out what is going to fix it. At any rate when he got there he noticed a sign in one of the offices next door to the chiropractors and he told me about it. They had not really advertised the job yet and when I got there they had not interviewed anyone else.

The nurse who was in charge of the office hired me after I interviewed, of course she seemed to be way too busy to worry much about it. They sent me to a temp agency though, which means that they get to try me out to see if things work out. If they do not like me then they can get rid of me with no real cost to them, so you can see why they would want to do it that. Of course the job does have some real assets, even though it is not what I am looking for. There are about a dozen girls who work at this place and it seems as though nearly all of them are really gorgeous. Of course the one I really like claims that she likes girls more than I do.


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