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I Need a New Chiropractor

Monday Oct 9, 2017

I have had problems with my back for a rather long time, the root of it is actually rather embarrassing. When I was in college I used to drink a good deal on occasion, or more succinctly I drink to excess on occasion. That was what happened, although I was also trying to impress a very attractive young lady. I took a fall and at the time I laughed about it, but the next morning I was in pretty serious pain. A Petaluma chiropractor fixed it for me back then, although it took me a good while to figure out that this was what I needed to do about it. If you go to see a doctor about this sort of issue, they will likely offer to give you a bottle of pills for pain. I think that most people know about the opiate epidemic in this country and it pretty much started exactly this way. I have read that the people selling the pills convinced the doctors that they were not addictive, but it is hard to believe anyone believed that. At any rate I want nothing to do with them.

However it does not last forever, so now I am looking for a good chiropractor in this area. That is not a simple thing to do, the more that you know about how chiropractors operate the more they scare you. They are moving the bones around in your spine and that is fine so long as it works the way that it is supposed to work. If they push a little too hard or in the wrong direction, then you can end up in a real world of problems. I suppose that any of them could make a mistake, but you want to find the best one that you can.


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