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Introducing My Friend with an Aching Back to My Campbell Chiropractor

Thursday Dec 1, 2016

I was out hiking with a friend of mine. We were taking some pictures. He decided to shoot some video and was looking through his viewfinder and walking. We were on a slight incline of some loose gravel over packed dirt and stone. He slid about six inches with one foot. He corrected to avoid falling with his expensive camera. He did not fall, but he said he felt an odd pain in his lower back and hip. By the time we made it back to the parking area, his back and leg hurt enough to visit my Campbell chiropractor right away.

He had never been to a chiropractor before, and he did not think they would be able to help him at all. I told him that if they could not help, then I would pay his copay for the visit. The doctor took his history and did an examination. Then he asked about the symptoms in greater detail. My friend said he felt a burning pain going down over the right side of his buttocks and down his leg all the way to his big toe. He said that it would intensify and feel like a hot electric shock. He said that hurt bad, but the constant pain just kind of ached and burned.

The doctor suspected that he got out of spinal alignment to put pressure on the sciatic nerve as this is the pain that happens with it. The doctor did a manipulation along with massage and electrical stimulation therapy. My friend said that the burning was gone as soon as the visit with my Campbell chiropractor was over. Getting it taken care of ASAP was very helpful. I often wait overnight before calling, and I think I makes it worse for myself when I do something to my back.


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