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Keeping Up the Natural Look

Thursday Jul 7, 2016

For my birthday, a friend of mine gave me a Wimpernserum because I mentioned that I wanted to have longer eye lashes. Normally I would wear fake lashes whenever I felt like it, but it’s always pain to put them on and take them off. Whenever possible, I prefer to have a more natural look and wear as little makeup and facial accessories as possible. My friends don’t really mind having all of that stuff on, but to me, it feels like it’s weighing my face down. I couldn’t wait to try out the new serum and see if it actually worked as advertised.

When I first put on the serum, I forgot to lower my expectations in terms of how long it would actually take for the serum to work. I was expecting it to have immediate results by the next day, but body hair can sometimes take a while to grow, including eye lashes. I exercised a bit more patience and just used regular applications of the serum. After a couple of weeks, I went out to dinner with my friends and they noticed that my lashes had gotten longer since the last time I saw them.

Since the lash serum was a success, I looked for other things that could speed up the grown of parts of my body. I sometimes get false nails when I want to have them a little longer, because I hate waiting for them to grow. I found a nail compound that can be easily brushed on to each nail and within a week, the nail grows twice the length that it would normally grow without any intervention. I’ve also been using a new hair formula to get my hair to a longer length. I want it to go all the way down to the small of my back.


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