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Leaning About Diastolic Hypertension Issues

Wednesday Jan 3, 2018

I clicked here to discover what in the heck diastolic hypertension is and how to treat it. Everyone knows about high blood pressure, and how it can cause a host of problems in the body, but most people don’t know that there is more than one type of high blood pressure. The one everyone knows about is systolic hypertension. It’s the one everyone worries about and the one most likely to show up with a blood pressure reading at home or at the doctor’s office (never use the ones at the grocery store they’re wildly inaccurate).

I ran into a fearful situation when I found out that I did have hypertension, but it is diastolic hypertension. I didn’t know what that meant. I thought it meant I’d die of organ failure or a massive stroke or heart attack like with the other form of high blood pressure, but it’s actually a bit different in its outcomes even though it is caused by many of the same risk factors that cause the other type of hypertension. It is funny because the nurse who saw the numbers looked puzzled over the result. They ended up taking the reading several times. I guess it is a bit rare.

It’s actually no surprise that I’ve got some type of hypertension what with the drinking, smoking, and my total inability to undertake any form of exercise. Those are the primary driving forces that cause these problems. So I’m going to have to do something about that, I suppose, which I found out about after looking online and finding information about my problem. The good thing is that losing some weight, dropping or curtailing the bad habits, and doing some moderate physical exercise should make the problem disappear without having to take medication. I sure hope I succeed!


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