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My Chiropractor Did What Two Different Physicians Could Not

Friday Dec 2, 2016

When two different doctors said that they couldn’t do much for me, it was a Pleasanton chiropractor who did for me what the first two physicians could not. What a welcome relief it was to learn that there was no reason for me to continue putting up with pain every day. I am officially a convert to chiropractic help. Having never dealt with it before, I hadn’t given any thought to it until someone pointed out to me to go get help from someone who could make things right for me once again. It’s a shame I didn’t know much sooner, but I’m just grateful that I do now.

I had a bad car accident two years ago. A mother was taking a walk with her son, and her son was riding a bike. She was not paying attention to him, and he was weaving back and forth as he rode alongside her. I was watching him carefully, and I even made sure to steer my car off to the side a bit so that I would not hit him if he did anything silly. Unfortunately, he did get silly and he suddenly turned his bike right into the path of my car. I slammed on the breaks, and it was only when his mother heard that sound that she finally paid attention. I just barely missed hitting him. Because I slammed on the brakes, I was thrown forward into my steering wheel, even though I had on a seatbelt. My back began hurting immediately.

Pain stretched through my back for weeks on end. I found myself needing to lay down often. I can’t live like that. So, I went to two doctors to get relief. They couldn’t help me. I found out on my own that chiropractors can really help, so I went to one during a lunch break one day. I have been pain free for about a month, and it is all thanks to making a choice to see someone who has been very helpful.


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