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My Chiropractor in Santa Barbara is My Secret Weapon Against Pain

Thursday Nov 2, 2017

M brother and I used to be able to go for days working at breakneck speed and not even be sore the next morning. He still works like that and I have worked at a computer now for a number of years. When he got hurricane damage my wife and I took vacation time to go help him and his family. I could not let my older brother outdo me even though he kept insisting I slow down. I worked at the same pace as him, and I am still seeing my chiropractor in Santa Barbara now that we are back home. We got the work done that insurance would not cover, but it was hard work and very long hours.

My brother’s employment place was temporarily out of business while they rebuilt, and he had the time to work to fix up the damage on his property. He also worked to clean up where he had his job. His boss paid him as a subcontractor for the hours he put in during the cleanup instead of as a paid employee. This way he could come and go as he pleased as long as the job got done. I worked alongside him, and my back was getting worse and worse as I went on. I was living on ibuprofen for the two weeks we were there helping them to get their lives back in order. I would never even cringe or complain that my back was hurting. I tried to hide it, but my brother could tell.

He told me that his back has been hurting now for a couple of years too, but he did not know what to do. At that I told him to see a chiropractor as that was my secret to not needing any pain medications or having downtime back home. Bad backs run in our family, but we keep on going regardless. I shared my ibuprofen with my brother. He told me he would get to a chiropractor as soon as things slowed down. I made an appointment for the same day we landed back home in California.


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