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My Grandmother Says Her Chiropractor Keeps Her from Needing Surgery

Monday Feb 26, 2018

I have driven my grandmother to her chiropractic appointments for years. She goes in when her back starts to hurt her. It could be the seasonal changes of the weather or just overdoing it when dancing with grandpa. They garden, walk all over the place, dance together and do pretty much every job needed on the house they have owned since they got married. I started out taking grandma to her San Francisco chiropractor when I first got my license and wanted to drive more. It is still a routine I keep up today.

I asked her why she keeps going back to the chiropractor if her back never gets any better. She explained that she has a chronic condition, and her San Francisco chiropractor is what is keeping her from having any surgeries or not being able to do the things she enjoys. She only has to go back when her back starts to act up on her. Grandpa told me that I have never seen it when it got bad with my grandmother’s back. He told me how she could not even get out of bed without screaming in pain. The first time it happened he called an ambulance. She has muscle spasms, pinched nerves, bulging discs and some significant misalignment of her vertebrae that can get out of hand and lead to intense pain.

Grandma contributes her routine chiropractic therapy from letting her back get bad like it used to. She told me how she would sometimes spend a couple of months barely able to move. I kind of remember times she was like that when I was little, but the images are a little foggy. I was very young when it got bad for her back pain. She told me that ever since she tried chiropractic, she has stuck with it ever since. She can dance, garden, climb ladders and do things normally as long as she keeps her spine in as good of shape as she can.


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