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My Husband Had Chronic Pain

Monday Nov 21, 2016

My husband had been suffering with shoulder pain for quite a while. The sad part about that, other than the pain itself, is that there were options available to us that we were not fully aware of. When someone at his work asked him if he had been to a Redding chiropractor for any kind of treatment, they were already expecting his answer of no. It was obvious that he hadn’t to her, because his coworker knew that he probably would not have been at that level of pain still if he had been to a chiropractor for any type of treatment.

She was that confident that a chiropractor would be able to help my husband, and that spoke volumes to us. I talked to his coworker when he told me of their conversation, and she told me that she sees a chiropractor on a regular basis for routine adjustments. She gave me the contact information for the one she uses, and I was able to get my husband in that week. The chiropractor did a full examination that had imaging testing as well. The end result was there was a misalignment in his spine, and that was causing all of the pain.

He had his first adjustment done that day, and he was told he would need to come back several more times for more. His chiropractor explained that because the problem had persisted for so long, it was not going to disappear over night. It would continue to get more relief with each new adjustment though. When he came home from that first chiropractic visit, I could see such a difference in him already. He had range of motion that he didn’t have prior to going that morning. That gave both of us so much hope, and the pain did continue to get better the more he went back!


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