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One Job That Can’t Be Outsourced

Monday Oct 23, 2017

I decided to work in home health care in Fort Lauderdale because it’s really the best career move a young person like me can make. Eventually I want to go to school to become a registered nurse with a focus on elderly care, so it made sense to look into a position at a local nursing home. I thought I could be a CNA or something similar, but they suggested I consider doing in home health care. It’s actually a growing field as many people don’t want to leave their homes so they require assistance in the form of a person who visits them.

Florida is probably ground zero for innovations in elderly care because as everyone knows many retirees move to the state from all around the country. Sometimes I wonder how many nursing homes there are in this state. It’s got to be a large number. Add in all the people who are now getting help at home and the number is positively staggering. I’m glad they suggested I do the home thing because working in an actual home can be a bit depressing. I like the idea I will work closely with just a few patients.

Of course, I needed to get certification to do the job, which turned out to be pretty easy since I already had a bit of experience in the area from my prior position. It turns out I needed to find a school where I could take an eight hour course followed by a test and I was good to go. I think the certification is fairly easily because there is such a need for great people willing to help out the elderly. I’m glad I passed the test and am looking forward to starting work. Eventually I’ll be a registered nurse and the experience gained here will help a lot.


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