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Someone Reminded Me to Try to Get Help in a Different Way

Sunday Oct 8, 2017

I’m always surprised when someone has to remind me of something that I know is important, yet I have forgotten about it. One good example of this is when someone questioned why I hadn’t gone to a Sacramento chiropractor to be assessed for my bad back. I was taken aback for a moment because I had known for many years how helpful chiropractors can be, but I hadn’t thought about it over the two years that I had been struggling with chronic pain. Nothing had been helping me, and I knew that chiropractic help was my last hope.

I wish I could say that I saw the back troubles coming early on. If I had seen them coming on, I might have been able to do something about it. Instead, what happened is that I was sitting outside on my woooden deck while throwing the ball to my dog so that he could fetch it. My dog brought the ball back to me, and while still sitting in a chair, I bent over to pick the ball up off the deck. Right at that moment, I had the most horrible pain shoot through my lower back. As much as it hurt, I assumed that the pain would only be temporary, but pain went on for years instead.

I’m not sure why I apologized profusely to the chiropractor about why I had not thought about seeing someone outside of medical doctors more quickly when I realized that avenue was not working. I guess I just felt silly that I had not tried something different than my usual doctors, and I simply wanted to confess that to someone. He told me not to worry about it and the only thing that matters is getting me back to being pain-free again. After two years of doctor appointments that got me nowhere, I found relief after only four appointments with my new chiropractor!


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