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Staying Safe and Healthy During the Summer Months

Monday Aug 20, 2012

Hair Removal At Home Permanent | Laser Hair Removal PaSummer, with its warm, beautiful weather, is the perfect season to spend a significant amount of time outdoors. The majority of Madison County, WI, residents, after enduring a long lasting winter, cannot wait to get outside and have some fun. Although everyone should definitely get outside and enjoy the sun and perfect climate, there are certain health risks that should be protected against.

Public pools are an extremely popular summer destination spot for people of all ages. Spending a day at the pool is a fun and enjoyable time. What many people don’t consider, however, are the health risks that come along with swimming in shared recreational waters. The germs that are sometimes found in public pools can cause people to become sick. Recreational Water Illnesses can occur as a result of contact with germs in pools, water parks, hot tubs, oceans, rivers or lakes. Some tips for peole of all ages: wash yourself thoroughly with soap and water before and after getting into public waters, never swallow any pool water and never swim if you are experiencing diarrhea. Tips for parents with small children are: avoid changing diapers near the pool, use the bathroom instead, check diapers often and wash your kids with soap before they get into the pool and immediately after they get out.

In addition to going to pools, summer is a time when people love to go out to wooded areas. Spending time in nature is fantastic, but it also carries risks. The woods of Wisconsin are filled with deer and deer attract ticks. Deer ticks spread Lyme Disease to humans. To infect a human, a deer tick typically will need to be attached for at least twenty four hours, if not longer. To avoid tick bites use a high quality insect repellent with DEET. Also, try to wear light colored clothing when you go out into the woods. This will make it easy for you to spot any ticks on your body. Ticks usually attach to the armpits, back of knees, neck, ears and groin, so check these areas carefully. Summer in Wisconsin is amazing, but it is important to stay safe.


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