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Thinking Outside of the Box

Tuesday Jan 6, 2015

The first time I heard of tuina singapore, I honestly was not sure what it was. I knew that it had something to do with traditional Chinese medicine, but that was the extent of my knowledge. My doctor had recommended that I try it though, and that was all I needed to know I wanted to find out more. I have a painful condition due to diabetic complications, and there is no cure for it. Surgery cannot fix it, and there are no known medications that will alleviate the painful symptoms. Instead, therapy of some type is the only course of action.

Since I am not in the best of health, my doctor knew that I would not be able to undergo a painful therapy plan to help me in the long term. He decided that Tui Na massage would be the most beneficial treatment option for me. I read a good bit about this type of massage before I agreed to it, and I saw how others who were in similar positions as myself have had a lot of relief from having this done to them.

My doctor arranged for me to have this done at a local clinic, and I knew even before they were done massaging me the first time that he had chosen the right method for me. I thought that it would be like a typical massage, but it was much more in depth than that. Rather than just a surface massage, it felt like everything was getting a work over in my body. The deep massage was painful, but it still felt good too. I have this done on a regular basis now, and I’m feeling the benefits of it now more than ever. I am so grateful to my doctor for thinking outside the box for this treatment method.


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