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We Have Been Really Busy So Far

Monday Mar 12, 2018

Of course the weather has been good for this season and that is a big deal for us. We have some indoor work, but never enough when the weather is bad. It has not been shirt sleeve weather so far, but the weather has been mostly dry and warm enough for us to do what we needed to do. I have been working on the side as well, with some jobs from these two chiropractors who I have been doing yard work for regularly. My uncle has known one of them since the two of them were in high school and they used to be involved in a bunch of little schemes involving real estate. The two of them and other people would buy old homes, fix them up and then either sell them or rent them out. Some times they would rent the place out for a short time and then sell it.

Now obviously I have the sort of skills that you need for this sort of thing and I have been helping my uncle with different things since I was in junior high school. He did not teach me all of the things that I know, but he introduced me to other people who did as much as he did. The big thing is to try to figure out how to pay enough tax without paying too much, if you know what I mean. You do not want to make it so that the IRS knows you are getting paid in cash much of the time, but then you really have to avoid paying taxes when it makes sense. That is how you get the jobs at a price which makes sense for both sides in the deal. If you hire a contractor who is doing it all on the books, then the government takes a big bite of every little thing.


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