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Working on a Little Project with the Neighbor

Friday Oct 3, 2014

I was aware that the Folds’ family had a son, but I had never really met him. He was apparently older than me and had been institutionalized for close to half of his life. Of course had serious mental health issues and he was apparently prone to violent outbursts. At any rate they had apparently gotten some money from a Risperdal lawsuit settlement and they have me working on a project with them. I am not really sure I understand why they got the money to be honest. I understand the reason for the lawsuit and how the money was distributed, but it seemed to me as though the intent was to give the money to people who had been improperly prescribed this anti psychotic drug and gotten the side effects from it. In this case the drug was probably prescribed with good cause and from what I understand it may have been effective in it’s intended usage. The people who were selling this drug apparently claimed it was good against almost any ill known to man, but it was only approved for a few things.

At any rate the project is a pretty straight forward landscaping project with a rather large circular pond involved. I got the job because I know how to operate a mini excavator. We went to the Happy Rentz on High Point road and after filling out a lot of paper work they let us have one. First they wanted to make sure that we knew what we were doing with the thing. Of course it is easy to do stupid stuff with an excavator and these guys are protecting themselves against law suits. People rent some dangerous piece of gear and then they do some dumb crap. Of course the first thing they do next is to sue the person who was silly enough to rent it to them.


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