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Working on the Rehab Now

Friday Oct 3, 2014

I am getting back to the place where I am able to get around with no cane, but I am still hobbling a bit. The wreck busted me up pretty good and I had a good deal of rehab to do, which is not really over. Of course it is very hard and it is tempting to try to act like I can pay less attention to it, but this could have long term implications if I do not stick with it. Looking at the Venus Factor diet to help me out with the weight that I put on while I was confined to the couch for pretty much twenty hours per day. In fact I was really lucky that I had my Dad around and he let me move in with him while I was rehabbing. I did not have the money coming in to do much else, the insurance company was very slow about coming around to help me out and so I needed to save money.

I pretty much could not do a whole lot for myself either. It is a real pain to not be able to stand on you own two feet without leaning on something. Even the simplest thing is an ordeal. If you want to make supper you have to do a lot of things you never thing about. Bending down to get a sauce pan is something you never think about, but when you are in this shape you have to plan it out like it is an expedition to the Grand Canyon. You get down there to where the sauce pan is and then you have to figure out how you get back up on your feet. It is even harder since I managed to pick up about ten extra pounds of fat back side.


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