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You and Your Family’s Health

Monday Aug 20, 2012

Teen Obesity Health Effects | Teen ObesityNow more than ever, many families are looking to their local health department for healthcare and screenings as their family may not have insurance due to a job loss. The recent economic conditions have been very difficult on millions of Americans. The local health departments are reporting to the National Institute of Health that their resources are strained because of the amount of people that are requesting government assistance regarding health and necessary medical tests.

The Madison County in Wisconsin heath department offers a number of services to residents within their jurisdiction. The site offers information on upcoming health seminars offered by the department. The seminars often include lectures from professional healthcare providers in addition to free screenings for health conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Health departments also have county health centers where they will treat uninsured residents for either a reduced fee or for free altogether. Services offered at these health centers include separate offices for vision and hearing, gynecology, and primary care. Medical records can usually be requested from the center’s website.

For those who would like to apply for state health insurance, the website offers information on the forms that must be filled out to apply in addition to an online form that can be sent directly to the state health department. Services for parents who need help with finding a baby sitter can also be found on the site, with suggestions for certified child care takers. Doctors who are accepting new patients are featured, with their addresses and phone numbers to contact their office for making an appointment.

Local hospitals that participate with the health department’s programs are listed, complete with their calendars for free events to members of the surrounding area. People can reserve a space for these programs on the page.


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